Hitting the market: collaboration, innovation and excellence in the Internet of Things

The IoT Forum and the European research cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC) are pleased to invite IoT experts, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to its first IoT Week Hackfest Serie. Participants will be offered with access to state of the art IoT infrastructure provided by leading European research projects and initiatives. In addition, participants will benefit from crash courses provided by the project engineers.

On-site deployment of devices will allow realistic interactions of the applications with the public: gateways, cloud services, sensor platforms and wearable will be made available to participants.



Training sessions will take place on Tuesday, 17th June from 9:30 to 13:00 and will provide practical demonstrations of the building of applictaions using the provided infrastructure. These short focused sessions will rapidly allow participants to step-in the state of the art European research initiatives on IoT.


The hack challenge

Each participating team will have to compete for one of the hereunder mentinned challenge:

  • Connectivity challenge:empower your application by making use of different devices access technologies, building upon BUTLER Gateway. Possibly propose additional bridge to BUTLER GW to extend technology coverage.
  • Semantic interoperability challenge: demonstrate the potential of the semantic web for the Internet of Things by means of building an IoT data interoperability solution and deploy a real time IoT service using the power of OpenIoT framework.
  • Business challenge: demonstrate how to exploit open city data in sustainable way, using Copenhagen open data platform, considering use cases such as water management or parking spaces optimisation.
  • Service composition challenge: become creative and demonstrate the value of Open Data integrated with IoT. Make connected devices interact based on input from public data. Use the features of COMPOSE project for composing services that fetch data from public repositories, process them and communicate information to embedded devices.

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Teams of maximum 5 persons composed of individiuals (over 18 years in age) or organisations and projects' representatives.

Be registered at IoT week Hackfest as Hackaton participant.



Participants can create applications ar add-ons and plugins to the existing platforms, thus expanding the basis of IoT open platforms.

In the case of platform expansion, licence of developped software will have to be similar to the one of the contributed platform.

How to enter

  1. Register at IoT week Hackfest. A reduced fee of 75€ covering initial training, devices and infrastructure access as well as on-site catering is offered.
  2. Mention you selected challenge and expected use of devices and infrastructure within the regisratyion survey so we can offer you with the best on-site technical experience
  3. List your participation in ChallengePost  to attract teammates around your idea.
  4. Attend the training session on Tuesday morning


Bruno Cendón

Bruno Cendón
TST Sistemas

Srdjan Krco

Srdjan Krco

Prof. Manfred Hauswirth

Prof. Manfred Hauswirth
NUIG Insight-Galway

Levent Gurgen

Levent Gurgen

Paul Havinga

Paul Havinga
University of Twente

Richard Foggie

Richard Foggie
Knowledge Transfer Executive (Digital), KTN

Judging Criteria

  • Collaboration
    Does the IoT service take advantage of the features and capabilities of several platforms? Was a mix of expertise involved?
  • Disruption
    Is the proposed product/service innovant compared to state of the art ?
  • Maturity
    Is the proposed solution developped to a high level of maturity or as an early prototype ?
  • Interoperability
    Interoperability should be demonstrated at the semantic level (demonstrate the potential of the semantic web for the Internet of Things) or at the technological level (Empower your application by making use of different devices access technologies)